Wheels That Won The West® Services
Wheels That Won The West®
Since our very beginnings, the passion and commitment we share for the wood-wheeled icons of the 19th and early 20th centuries have helped us steadily build an epic profile of America's first transportation empire. In fact, our extensive compilation of original western vehicle literature, advertising, photos, ledgers, business correspondence, books and other primary source research has enabled us to uncover a world of previously forgotten western vehicle history. It’s just a small sampling of the reasons our files have been called on by so many researchers, collectors, builders, buyers, sellers, conservators and preservationists.
From our authentication and identification efforts to pre-purchase evaluations and custom projects by enthusiasts the world over, we offer a wide range of trusted services.

We're happy to receive your questions and treat all initial reviews free of charge. There is a fee should we locate information or products/materials you wish to acquire. Because every vehicle and project has its own unique story and information desired, rates are often addressed on a case by case basis. We understand budgets and are happy to assist in whatever way we can. Thanks very much for stopping by. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and encourage you to let us know if we can be of assistance in any of the areas listed below...
  • Authentication – With genuine vintage vehicles growing in popularity, it's become increasingly important to authenticate originality levels while helping confirm overall values.

  • Identification – Accurate and authoritative brand identification can be crucial to many aspects of ownership. We’re privileged to benefit from an extensive level of experience as well as a strong and unmatched library of original reference materials.

  • Evaluations/Purchase/Sales assistance – From locating specific or hard-to-find vehicles to assisting with detailed evaluations in a purchase or sale, we're committed to delivering the individual attention each project requires.

  • Custom Books for special vehicles – Pay tribute to the distinctive heritage of your special vehicles with a custom book and hard copy legacy. These premium quality, historical profiles are written and designed especially for your most important wheeled treasures. Not only do these photo essays include rare imagery and brand details but, combined with select photography of your vehicle, they're an ideal way to share the excitement of specific pieces within your collection. Additionally, they're a tasteful and practical way to complement your insurance records. Click here for more >>